The WORK Track enables students to (1) explore and choose CAREER CLUSTERS and PATHWAYS of interest, (2) improve confidence and knowledge about POWER SKILLS important to workplace and personal success, and (3) utilize professional and personal growth resources needed to face challenges and opportunities successfully at school and work.

Table of Contents for the WORK Track

Course 1: Your Future

  • Unit 1. Career Awareness
    • Your Future
  • Unit 2. Career Exploration
    • Explore 3 Clusters of 17 Available, Pick 1 Pathway
  • Unit 3. Career Preparation
    • Plan of Action, Social Media Audit, Resume & Other Documents, Interviewing
  • Unit 4. POWER Skill Development
    • Productivity and Initiative
    • Social Skills
    • Communication, Collaboration, and Teamwork
    • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Information, Media, and Technical Literacy
    • Positive Attitude, Flexibility, and Adaptability
    • Leadership, Honesty, and Integrity
  • Unit 5. Personal & Professional Growth Resource Library
    • Professional Development
      • Conflict
      • Cultural Awareness
      • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
      • Ethics
      • Job Search
      • Legal Matters
      • Professional Skills
    • Personal Development
      • Self-Esteem
      • Motivation
      • People Skills
      • Time Management
      • Stress
  • Spark Activities

Course 2: Forms & Reports 

  • Training Agreements
  • Wage & Hour Report
  • Student Journal
  • and More

Course 3: Evaluation for Workplace Supervisor



How can an order for enrollment be placed?

Submit the Order Form with payment or a purchase order. 

You may also visit to order online and pay by credit card.

What if our school has multiple teachers who will use CU's WORK TRACK?

If each teacher would like to see only his/her students' activities and grades in CU for convenience and efficiency, Custom Resources will enroll each teacher and his/her students separately. This will require each teacher completes the CU Enrollment Spreadsheet with his/her students listed. There is an additional admin fee per separate group enrolled within a school. See item CU-SE for this convenient option.

Additional advisors over the allocated number may be added to a school's CU enrollment. See CU's order form for this option. 

When does enrollment open?

Student enrollment opens in late August and will be available, for the WORK Track, through June each year.

How does enrollment work?

Enrollment spreadsheets are emailed out each year by Custom Resources. When ready, the teacher completes the fields within the spreadsheet (teacher's contact info and email, students' names) saves the spreadsheet, and then emails it to

Once the completed spreadsheet has been received by Custom Resources, students' accounts are created usually within 1-3 business days. However, it may take up to 5 business days during peak enrollment times. 

Teachers will receive an email confirmation once all accounts are ready.

Are teachers given access to all sections/courses of the WORK Track?

Yes! Teachers who have ordered prior to August 1 of each year will be given access in early to mid-August depending on CU's summer enhancements and the time needed to complete those upgrades and enhancements by the CU Team. 

Can students be substituted?

Only during the initial 15-days following a group's enrollment, may teachers make substitutions to their enrolled student accounts. After the 15-day grace period students' accounts are locked in and may not be substituted.

What is the refund policy?

If a teacher is not satisfied with the WORK Track or is unable to use it, a refund will be given for the purchase price less an admin fee noted in the terms on the enrollment spreadsheet and user agreement. Custom Resources, LLC must be notified in writing, via email, within 15 days of the student’s enrollment date. After the 15 day period, no refunds will be issued.

No credit will be issued from one year to the next year for any unused portion of CU.

What technology is required to maximize use of Competition University's Class Track?

    • Reliable Internet connection is required. 
    • The Work Track may incorporate some use of Google Sheets and/or Forms.


 MORE DETAILS will be provided in the future for the WORK Track Highlights video and a CU Tour is also available to request.