Getting Started with CU: The Basics

Getting Started with CU: The Basics

If you’re new to Competition University or need some tips and tricks for using and navigating the site, use the steps below!

STEP 1:  You're here! is where you will log in.

STEP 2:  Click the Log In button in the upper right corner of the screen.

    • Use the username and password which was submitted to CU via the Enrollment Spreadsheet file by your advisor. Always use this username and password. DO NOT make a new account or change your username and password.

STEP 3:  Locate the course you want to work in using the top navigation drop-down menus.  Courses are found in the following categories: DECA or FBLA PREP and the Class Track.

    • DECA Prep Track – two general areas: 1) Event Prep and 2) Exam Prep
      • To study for your event, click on the Event Prep drop down menu and locate your role play event (Principles, Individual Series, or Team) or find your written event.
      • To study for an exam, click on the Exam Prep drop down menu. All test-takers, regardless of the event, need to study the resources in the course for the Business Administration Core. Additionally, you will need to know what event you are competing in to study for your specific exam (+Marketing, +Hospitality, +Business Mgmt & Admin, +Finance).
        •  Those taking the Entrepreneurship Exam only need to study the resources in the +Entrepreneurship Exam Prep course.
    • FBLA Prep Track – two general areas: 1) Collaborative Test and Role Play and 2) Objective Test Prep. Find your event under one of these drop-down menus.
    • Class Track – To access the Class Track’s Marketing course, click on the Class Track menu and select “Marketing 101 Course”.
    • WORK Track - There are 3 courses located under the WORK Track.
      • Your Future contains classroom activities.
      • Work Experience contains forms and tracking for Supervised Work Experience.
      • Supervisor Evaluations is an optional area available for Teachers to send Workplace Supervisors if they wish to capture evaluations using CU's platform. 

STEP 4:  When you first click into a course, you will land in the Getting Started tab. Review the resources in this Getting Started tab. 

    • Depending on the course you are in, you may see an introductory video, a course checklist, event guidelines, and more.
    • Notice the nested tabs at the top of the Getting Started tab; specifically, the “Navigation” and “How to Find Your Grades”. These tabs contain information to help you navigate the site.

STEP 5:  From here, use the vertically labeled tabs to the left of the screen to navigate the course. Generally, you will navigate the course resources in the order they are presented.

    • Remember to check for nested tabs along the top of each tab. Depending on the course you are in, nested tabs may be used often.
    • Read labels to maximize your navigation. 
    • Learn to use the breadcrumb navigation bar at the top of each course.