One of the main reasons students love CU is it gives them exactly what they need to study and results are immediate! Knowledge grows, and from the data below, its clear to see! 

PRE - and POST-Test Data 
  • From the data shown below, we can confidently report CU is meeting the goal of building students' knowledge! 
  • Bar charts in the left column indicate prior to going through CU's lessons and activities, very few students have the ability to earn high scores on the questions covering the related instructional area.
  • Bar charts in the right column clearly show a boom in the number of students who are able to earn a high score on the post-test after going through CU's lessons and activities covering the related instructional area. 


BA CORE: Business Law PRE- vs POST-Test Results
BLaw Pre Test Data B Law Post Test Data

BA CORE: Communication PRE- vs POST-Test Results
Communication Pre Test Exam Data

BA CORE: Customer Relations PRE- vs POST-Test Results
Customer Relations Pre Test Exam Data Customer Relations Post Test Exam Data

MKT CORE: Pricing PRE- vs POST-Test Data
MKT CORE: Pricing Pre Test Exam Data Customer Relations Post Test Exam Data

MKT CORE: Promotion PRE- vs POST-Test Data
Promotion Pre Test Data Promotion Post Test Data

MKT CORE: Selling PRE- vs POST-Test Data
Selling Pre Test Data Selling Post Test Data

  • Within an EXAM Prep course students take a Pre-Test to test their knowledge before going through CU's activities for the related instructional area, and take a POST-test to check their growth in knowledge after going through the activities. 
  • The bar charts above are auto-created from a random sampling of 100's of students' scores on the Pre- and Post-Tests. 
  • The Pre- and Post-tests contain the same questions covering a reasonable scope of instructional area content.