FAQ: Purchasing Individual Enrollment


Individual Enrollment is for individual STUDENT competitors and enrollments are per school year. 

Students may enroll independently through the CU website. The price is $25 per student, per course. Payment will be accepted on-line via PayPal or Credit Card. This option is suggested if the chapter advisor doesn't elect to coordinate enrollments. It is a highly recommended option for students who are headed to ICDC or NLC, but their chapter did not enroll in CU as a group.

Steps to enroll independently:

  1. Set up an account using a valid email address.
  2. Confirm the account by clicking the link in the confirmation email.
  3. Log in to the site.
  4. Select the EVENT course of interest. Click Yes to confirm you want to pay for the course and enroll.
  5. PayPal is the portal used to collect payment. Credit cards are accepted. Select the specific credit card option after you have been redirected to pay for the course if this is the method you want to use.
  6. Once you have paid for your course, you will be provided with a link back to the course, confirming your course enrollment.
  7. Individually enrolling students paying via PayPal or by credit card will be able to immediately confirm their account through a confirmation email sent to the account they used to enroll. They can then access their course at any time during the annual enrollment period, typically September 1 - May 31.
  8. *EXAM PREP for DECA: The corresponding Exam Prep course for each event requires CU's team to manually enroll a student who has independently enrolled.Email CU@CustomResources.com with one of the following options or just state the event you are competing in and we will know which Exam Prep course is needed: marketing cluster, hospitality cluster, finance cluster, or business management and administration cluster. 

Refund Policy: For individually enrolled students, no refunds are available. Courses are available through June.