Created for blended learning classrooms!

Resources in the Class Track provide 'consistent variety', an oxymoron indeed, but it is what meets the teacher's and student's needs for both predictability and fun!  Polls and Brain Building Lessons provide unique methods of introducing new material! 

The first CLASS TRACK Course is now available. Marketing101 makes the perfect supplement or may be used as a main resource for 8 units of instruction: economics, business, marketing, product, place, price, promotion, and personal selling. The course features WEBS which are graphic organizers designed to help students understand and retain these 8 units of instruction!  These and other related educational strategies add variety and technology to marketing education, not to mention the online course holds so much potential to leverage teacher's time by saving hours upon hours of time spent planning and grading.

The Class Track will engage students at a whole new level based on the rigorous and effectively sequenced content. Order enrollment for your high school marketing class today.  Order Form


Bringing the Marketing Web to LIFE again!



A Blended Course for a High School Marketing Class - Providing Foundational Knowledge of 8 Units

Teachers use CU's Marketing Class Track to blend online learning with their own ideas, personal leadership and teaching in their marketing classrooms! 

Graphic organizers help students see 200 terms come together as they build concepts throughout the course. The strategy of graphically connecting concepts to new information helps learners understand new material and transfer it to the test, competitive event, or to the world of work or entrepreneurship.

Bell Ringers, Brain Building engaging Lessons and Projects for the class and online make The Marketing Class Track fun and effective!

CU's Class Track for Marketing 101 contains resources to supplement the following units of study:

  1. Economics
  2. Business
  3. Marketing
  4. Product
  5. Place
  6. Price
  7. Promotion
  8. Personal Selling