WORK Track

The WORK Track is your NEW Work-Based Learning Curriculum for today's NEEDS!

The online curriculum is filled with streamlined, organized, and engaging lessons, activities, and trackers! It's structured yet flexible.

For Coordinators who want to ensure students are:

  • Investigating options for future Career Development
  • Learning and practicing Job Attainment Skills
  • Gaining and developing Workplace Readiness and Job Survival Skills
  • Learning from Employer Feedback & Evaluations

For Students who need step-by-step engaging lessons covering:

  • Career Cluster exploration dialing down to a personalized Work Plan of Action
  • Creation of Job-Attainment tools focused on the Work Plan of Action
  • Knowledge of and practice of Power Skills for Workplace Readiness
  • Personal and Professional Development for Thriving & Surviving in the Workplace

Featured Lessons & Resources

  • Career Cluster Lessons drilling down to the creation of a WORK Plan of Action
  • Simple activities to assist students in creating dynamic yet real resumes and more!
  • Tracker & Accountability Tools to help WBL Coordinators
  • Power Lessons to build Professional Skills: 
    • Productivity & Initiative
    • Communication, Collaboration & Teamwork
    • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    • Literacy of Information, Media, and Technology
    • Positive Attitude, Flexibility & Adaptability
    • Leadership, Honesty & Integrity
    • Social Skills
    • Creativity
  • Tools for Tough Students & Changing Times
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    • Job Search
    • Legal Matters
    • People Skills: Empathy
    • Personal Development: Bias, Fear
    • Professional Growth: Negotiation,
    • Goal Setting, Coming Back from a Mistake
    • Stress Management ... and MORE!

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