Ideas to Help You Get CU for Your Program

Do NOT Miss Out 

CU is worth every minute it takes to get it approved and funded.

Where does the money come from for CU?

  • CLASS TRACK: Budgeted Curriclum Money your program is entitled to or Perkins Funding or Grant Money

Learning Outcomes are available to help you get CU's Class Track's approval.

      • View or Print these Outcomes and show your budgetary decision-makers. 

  • PREP TRACK: Seek a Competititve Event Sponsor, Add Student Activity Fees, Fundraise specifically per student, Advisory Council Support

Sponsor-Starter Letters:

Raise Funds and give your students the satisfaction of earning their resources for competition. 

      • Custom Resources Fundraising now offers 100% touchless fundraisers, ideal for 2020-21. See all your options.

View the video for more information:

Be sure you have this amazing, online tool for your program and students.

Last modified: Friday, September 4, 2020, 12:42 PM